NUR 466: Nursing Research

Week 3: Discussion
Casey, M, Smart, K. M., Hearty, C., Lowry, D. & Doody, C. (2019). Acceptance of chronic pain. Perspectives of individuals following an acceptance and commitment therapy pain management programme: An interpretative phenomenological analysis. Physiotherapy Practice & Research, 40(1), 9-19.
Week 7: Literature Review

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The slide “Selecting Databases” (see 5:58 in the lecture recording) lists information about databases that are NOT AVAILABLE to Olivet students:

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Database Search Tutorials

  1. CINAHL Basics tutorial (3:06 min)
  2. How to Find Research Literature tutorial (in order to find “primary” articles) (3:20 min)
  3. Systematic Reviews (2:29 min)

Week 8: Discussion Theory and Research Frameworks

Before you attempt to find articles for your post, view the three-minute video Nursing Theorist video tutorial.

Bonus tip (not included in tutorial): To find clinical applications of Betty Neuman’s theory:

  1. Use Benner Library’s database CINAHL Complete.
  2. Change the drop-down menu to subject
  3. Type “Neuman Systems Model”
  4. Add the word clinical to the next search box

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Need Help

Need APA citation help? Download the APA Style Guide to Electronic Sources (NOTE: you may be prompted to log-in to My.Olivet in order to access this .pdf file)

Email GCS Librarians


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