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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Download and Share Music Files? Subjects: Copyright FAQ

This video warns students about the risks associated with illegally downloading and sharing music files.

Can I Show Movies on Campus? Subjects: Copyright FAQ

This brochure from Swank Motion Pictures provides great information that you need to read before showing a movie.

Is It Protected by Copyright? Subjects: Copyright FAQ

Set the slider at the date of your copyrighted material and see whether you need to get permission to copy it.

External Resources

Copyright Clearance Center Subjects: Copyright Resources

Where you can get permission to reproduce copyrighted content such as articles and book chapters in your journals, photocopies, coursepacks, library reserves, Websites, email and more.

Stanford Copyright & Fair Use Center Subjects: Copyright Resources

Includes primary materials, current legislation, resources on the Internet, and overview of copyright law. Sponsored by Stanford University Libraries, FindLaw Internet Legal Resources, and the Council on Library Resources.

U.S. Copyright Law (full text) Subjects: Copyright Resources

This link contains the copyright law in its entirety.

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