Find Books

 A Guide to Searching Library Resources Subjects: find books, find articles, find resources Tags:

A written guide to help explain what tools to use while searching for library resources.

 Find eBooks Subjects: find books, find resources, find books short Tags: book, ebook, find, search, how to, primo, help, catalog

Learn how to do an Ebook search in Library Resources.

 Finding Book Reviews Subjects: book reviews, find books, book reviews short Tags:

Finding Book Reviews

 Renewing Books Subjects: find books Tags: how to, renew

This tutorial is a guide to renewing books through the library website (2:16).

 Request from I-Share Subjects: find books, find books short Tags:

The basics of using IShare, through the Interlibrary Loan department in Benner Library (4:10).

 Search for Books Subjects: find books, find books short Tags: book, find, catalog, search, how to

Learn how to search for books in Benner Library's online catalog, to see where physical books are shelved in the building, and for a reminder about how to check out books with your Olivet ID card.

 Searching Library Resources (Primo VE) Subjects: primo ve, library resources, searching, exlibris, proquest, find articles, find books, find resources Tags:

Help guides from ExLibris for searching our Library Resources officially known as Primo VE.