Find Books

A Guide to Searching Library Resources

A written guide to help explain what tools to use while searching for library resources.

Find eBooks

Learn how to do an Ebook search in Library Resources.

Finding Book Reviews

Finding Book Reviews

Library Account

My Library Account information.

Renewing Books

This tutorial is a guide to renewing books through the library website (2:16). Subtítulos disponibles en Español.

Request from I-Share

The basics of using IShare, through the Interlibrary Loan department in Benner Library (4:10).

Search for Books

Learn how to search for books in Benner Library's online catalog, to see where physical books are shelved in the building, and for a reminder about how to check out books with your Olivet ID card. Subtítulos disponibles en Español

Searching Library Resources (Primo VE)

Help guides from ExLibris for searching our Library Resources officially known as Primo VE. Subtítulos disponibles en Español.

Using Library eBooks for Your Classroom

How to find eBooks for your class effectively on the Library website. (7:35)