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Contact a library staff member for assistance.

 Business Source - Advanced Searching on EBSCOhost - Tutorial Subjects: ebsco, business, business short Tags:

This tutorial demonstrates the advanced searching and browsing functions of the Business Source databases on the EBSCOhost interface. (3:15 minutes)

 Finding Articles that Apply to a Theoretical Framework Subjects: business, business short, find articles Tags: articles, help, how to

This video includes strategies useful when using library databases for finding articles that apply to a theoretical framework (2:09).

 Nexis Uni Help Subjects: accounting, accounting short, biography, biography short, business, databases, french, french short, law, law short, political science, political science short Tags: lexis, lexis-nexis, nexis

Use the Nexis Uni website to get help with their database.

 SWOT Analyses Subjects: business, business short, databases, ebsco Tags: analyses, database, how to

Use library databases to find Marketline Company Profiles and SWOT Analyses (2:24 minutes). Actual company financials are often only available for purchase but you may find something useful just by searching the company name and SWOT on the web.

 Sample Business Plans Subjects: business, business short Tags: ebook, help

Instructions for finding helpful sample business plans.

 Using Nexis Uni for Company Information by SIC or NAICS codes Subjects: accounting, accounting short, business, business short, databases, nexis-uni Tags: lexis, lexis-nexis, nexis

Using Nexis Uni to Find Company Information by SIC and NAICS Codes. See written versions:
SIC Written Version
NAICS Written Version