Self-service Button Maker Patron Policies

Purpose: To make personalized buttons.

Equipment: 1.5 in. Circle Cutter and Button Maker & 2.25 Circle Cutter and Button Maker

Location: Lower Level Irene Clerico Maker Space

Users: Students, faculty, staff, and community members

Cost: Currently, there is no charge for this service. Supplies can be purchased at the Lower Level Service Desk with cash or Tiger Dollars.

Avaliablity: The button maker is available for use from the time the library opens until a half hour before the library closes.

Usage Policies and Restrictions:

  1. Use will be on a first -come first -serve basis. No reservations will be made.
  2. Benner staff will not be responsible for making buttons for patrons. They can, however, provide training if time allows. If Benner staff is unavailable, please refer to the tutorial.
  3. For independent training, see help pages at:
    1. Benner Library's Button making tutorial
  4. To design your own personalized buttons, we recommend using the following website:
  5. First priority will be given to Olivet Nazarene University students working on academic projects.
  6. Benner Library Staff reserves the right to restrict or stop usage of a machine at any time.
  7. Please keep content “Olivet appropriate.”
  8. The user of this equipment is responsible for adhering to copyright laws and regulations.
  9. Please refrain from using cardstock or other think papers that may jam the button maker.

Usage tips:

  1. Verify that your button print out is either 1.5 in. or 2.25 in. and locate the corresponding circle cutter and button maker.
  2. Never use cardstock or other thick papers.
  3. Consider the orientation of the pin in relation to the orientation of the paper cutout. Align both either horizontally or vertically so that the pin runs horizontally through the back of the button.
  4. Be sure to double check that the back side of the button is face up with the squiggle part showing. If the back side of the button is on the button maker upside down, it will ruin the button supplies and not crimp correctly.
  5. The library will not be held responsible for errors resulting from improper use or misuse of the button maker or its supplies.

This equipment was made possible by a generous donation given by Robert Norman Farley in memory of his wife, Irene Clerico Farley (’47).