Database Access Issues

If you are having issues accessing a database or pdf after a successful login try the following steps:
This is not the solution if you are having problems with off campus logins.

  1. Restart your computer
  2. Try a different browser. For example, If you are using Microsoft Edge try Firefox. If you are using Firefox try Edge, Safari, or Google Chrome. If you are installing a new browser, do not allow it to add toolbars.
  3. Empty your cache. (Search the internet for "empty cache" and the name of your browser for instructions.)
  4. Delete cookies. (Search the internet for "delete cookies" and the name of your browser for instructions.)
  5. Remove any extra toolbars (particularly the google toolbar).
  6. The issue might be your security software. Contact your security provider.
  7. If you continue to have problems and would like assistance contact the library.