COMM 105: Fundamentals of Communication

Recommended Sources:

Source Type Librarian Recommended Resources
Popular Articles
Benner Library eBooks - for American Decades, American Eras, and other reference Titles Benner Library eBooks -- for American Decades , American Eras, and other titles
Photographs and graphics

Steps in the Research Process:

Define Information Requirements Assignments: Tip: Audience Assessment summary
Define Research Topic Often the hardest part of a research project is choosing a do-able topic. Do initial research to make sure you’ll have enough resources, but not too many.

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Use "Flower Diagram" to brainstorm narrower aspects of your topic.
Use Process Check#2 to see if there are enough resources to make your topic do-able.
Locate and Retrieve Relevant Information Recommended databases for:

Evaluate Information Evaluation criteria: for webpages | for articles
Organize and Synthesize Information Annotated Bibliography—instructions used by some instructors
Communicate Results Using Ethical Practices APA Citations

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