Christian Scriptures II:
How to begin an exegesis project

Exegesis is the systematic attempt to discover the meaning of a passage of Scripture. It involves the application of specific steps of inquiry into the message of a passage, culminating in an application of that message to today's situation.

2013-2014 Scriptures II Exegesis Guidelines
(pdf file written by Biblical Literature faculty in the School of Theology and Christian Ministry)

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(Start) Consider many issues:

Understand the author, audience, and context of your passage.

  1. Context: Read the passage worksheet | how to use
  2. Context: Research many background issues worksheet | how to use
  3. Context: Examining literary issues worksheet | how to use
  4. Online starting place: MinistryMatters - Use "Biblical Reference" section
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Narrow your focus:

Verse-by-verse analysis of your passage

  1. Word study worksheet | how to use
  2. Verse-by-verse analysis worksheet | how to use
  3. Online starting place:
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(End) Broaden your focus again:

Theological reflection and application to me, my Christian walk, and the Church today.

  1. Conclusion: Interpreting the passage worksheet | how to use
  2. Application worksheet
  3. Works citied worksheet | APA, MLA, Chicago

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