PHED 242: Foundations of Health Education

Prepare for library instruction

Structure of a research article

Links point to lessons from the "Reading primary literature in biology," tutorial hosted at Kenyon College

Source types-defined

  • Primary sources: Published research in peer-reviewed (refereed) journals or eyewitness accounts.
  • Secondary Sources contain a summary of primary sources, including review articles.
  • Tertiary sources are typically reference sources, including encyclopedias and handbooks.
  • Popular sources: Written for a lay-audience, rarely contain detailed citation information

Recommended Databases:

Primary Sources



Social Science

Secondary & Tertiary sources

To browse for books at Benner Library, visit the third floor:

  • 372 - Elementary education - Health
  • 610 - Medical Sciences - Education
  • 611 - Human Anatomy
  • 612 - Human Physiology
  • 613 - Promotion of Health
  • 615 - Incidence & Prevention of Disease
  • 615 - Pharmacology
  • 616 - Diseases

Ebook collections:

Popular press

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