Google Scholar Workaround

If you need to link Olivet Nazarene University resources to Google scholar follow the steps below. This is also the workaround if you are getting a reCAPTCHA error when you try to access Google Scholar from the designated library link."

  1. Go to Google scholar from this link (not from normal library link).
  2. Click on Settings (top navigation - last entry / or more then settings).
  3. Click on Library Links (left navigation - about third entry down).
  4. Type Olivet in the blank box and click the search box.
  5. Check both Olivet Nazarene University options and click Save.
  6. This should return you to the Google Scholar main search page where you can continue your research. When the library has access to a resource Olivet Nazarene Univ will appear as a link to the right of the citation.
  7. If you still get a reCAPTCHA error again try these steps:
    • Close all browser windows (including Canvas) and start with a new window. Go straight to - do NOT use Canvas or My Olivet links.
    • Type in instead of following the link.
    • Clear cache, cookies, and history.
    then repeat steps 2-6.

If you have any further issues please do not hesitate to contact our team.