Peer-Review Process

Problem: How can I tell if this article is from a peer-reviewed source?

Strategy: If you need to be certain that a journal is peer-reviewed, or “refereed,” use our database tools.


  • You may need to do a web search for the journal title to see what the publisher says about the journal. OR
  • Our library also subscribes to a database about journals. Search for the journal title in Ulrichsweb to learn about it. OR
  • The easiest way is to utilize the feature in some library databases where each journal title is a link, taking you to more details about the publication.
  • Ebsco Example:
    ProQuest Example:

Now you know:

"A process by which a scholarly work (sucah as a paper or a research proposal) is checked by a group of experts in the same field to make sure it meetst he necessary standards before it is published or accepted." Merriam Webster Online Dictionary

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