Finding Articles

Checking for fulltext in a database
Check for fulltext in a database (2:46 minutes).

Education Research Literature
Learn how to search for research literature specific to education theorists. (2:25 minutes)

Finding Articles
Search for fulltext articles through Benner Library (3:27 minutes).

Google Scholar
Use Google Scholar to setup an account to connect with Benner's fulltext and searching tips (2:55 minutes).

How to prove it's peer reviewed
Once you find an article in a library database (EBSCO or ProQuest) how do you know for certain that it's peer reviewed? Quick visual guide to article details.

Using Journal Search
Search for specific Benner Library journals by title or ISSN (2:46 minutes).

Using PURLs
Finding and using article PURLs to stay organized.

How and when to use Boolean Operators: AND, NOT, OR, ""

Keywords and Subject Headings
What's the difference between a keywords and a subject heading? How to find and use database-specific subject headings for precise searching.

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