Laptop Policy

General Policy
  • Laptops do not circulate overnight.
  • The laptop software and procedures must be kept standardized so all users will know what to expect when they check them out.
Borrowing Policy
  • Only ONU enrolled students, faculty and staff with a valid ONU ID card can check out laptops during library hours until one hour before closing.
  • The borrower agrees to follow this Laptop Policy.
  • The borrower agrees to treat this equipment with extreme care and to be aware of its location at all times.
  • Laptop checkout privileges may be denied to people who damage the equipment, repeatedly return laptops late, with library fines/fees over $1, or do not follow these laptop use policies. Lab supervisors do not have authorization to accept or override fines and/or fees. They must be taken care of at Circulation Desk on the second floor.
Check-out Guidelines
  • The borrower's ONU ID card will be used for verification of ONU affiliation.
  • The maximum checkout period is two hours, but may be less.
  • To check out a laptop, ask the lab assistant if a laptop is available.
  • Laptops cannot be reserved ahead.
  • Laptops must be returned directly to the Lab Assistant in the library computer lab office where they were checked out.
  • Renewals for another two hours will depend on availability.
Conditions of Use
  • The borrower agrees and understands that ONU and the Library assume no responsibility for loss or damage to borrower's personal property through use of the laptop.
  • Laptops are to be used only in Benner Library. They may not be taken beyond the Library security gates.
  • The borrower will report any equipment problems immediately to the Lab Assistant.
Overdue Fines
  • The fine is $10.00 for the first (partial) hour overdue, and $5.00 per hour thereafter, until the computer is returned or declared lost. Partial hours count as a full hour overdue.
  • Overdue fines are non-refundable and will not be waived.
  • The borrower agrees to pay overdue charges for laptops not returned within the checkout period.
Other Charges
  • The borrower agrees to be responsible for charges for damage based on actual repair costs.
  • The borrower agrees to pay replacement cost for a lost or stolen laptop computer and/or other accessories. Replacement costs are approximately $1500 plus the accrued overdue charges.
  • Replacement cost of a severely damaged, lost, or stolen laptop computer will be no less than $1,500 plus accrued overdue fines.
Agreement Terms