Welcome to Benner Library

Benner Library Mission Statement

Benner Library invests in scholarly resources, current technology, and knowledgeable staff in a Christian environment to promote student success, academic excellence, and life-long learning.

Library Courtesy

In Benner Library, a studious environment is appropriate. Respect the needs of those around you. Silence your cell phone ringer, and keep all conversations, including cell phone conversations, at a level that does not disturb others.

Food and Drink

Food and drinks are allowed in most areas of the library.

Library staff may restrict distracting or messy food.
Food and drinks are prohibited from the Archives.
Be careful near computers or other equipment.

Work areas must be kept clean if food and drinks are allowed. To do this, patrons and staff must do the following:

Deposit trash and recyclables in appropriate containers.
Clean the workstation if it is needed. Cleaning products are available at the recycling stations.
Report large spills to a service desk.
Be responsible by leaving the area clean.