Finding Social Work Books

Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH):

Child Welfare
Community Social Work
Family Social Work
Psychiatric Social Work
Public Welfare
Social Case Work
Social Group Work
Social Problems
Social Service
Social Work
Social Work with the Aged
Social Work with Children
Social Work with Minorities
Social Work with Teenagers

You may want to browse these call ranges in our collection:

2nd Floor:
302 Social interaction
304 Factors affecting social behavior
305 Social groups
310 General statistics
344 Social, labor, welfare, & related law
360 Social services; association
361 General social problems & services
362 Social welfare problems & services
363 Other social problems & services

3rd Floor (Religion Room):
261 Social theology

Titles and Call Numbers of subject-specific Reference books:

200s, 300s, 310s, 340s, 360s