CMIN 116: Fundamentals of Christian Ministry

Assignments:Research Paper on Aspect of Ministry | Definition of Christian Ministry
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Research Paper

Suggested topics:

  • Ordination
  • Women in ministry
  • Transitions
  • Passion fatigue
  • The Messiah Complex
  • Danger of transference
  • Worship & sacrament
  • Leaving


Library of Congress Subject Headings:

clergy office
church work with youth
church work with teenagers
pastoral theology--dictionaries
lay ministry

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Search for these titles:
* Purpose Driven Church
* Creative Ministry
* Preparing for Christian Ministry: an Evangelical Approach

Search for these authors:
* James Whitehead
* Carl George
* George Barna

Article databases

ATLA Religion Index

Christian Periodical Index

ATLA Descriptors
* Youth
* Church work with youth
* Ministry
* Lay ministry
* Clergy
* Pastoral counseling

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CPI Subjects
* church work methodology
* mission of the church
* church work philosophy
* evangelistic work philosophy
* church work with youth philosophy
* missions philosophy
* youth ministers philosophy

Definition of Christian Ministry

Suggested Resources at Benner Library

Call Numbers (reference books)

Contemporary American Religion R 200.973 C767f v.2
A Dictionary of Pastoral Care R 253.503 D561c
Evangelical Dictionary of Christian Education R 268.03 Eu14a
The Ministries of Christian Worship R 264 C738w v.9
The New Catholic Encyclopedia R 282 N42n v.9
New Dictionary of Christian Ethics & Pastoral Theology R 241.03 N42a
New Dictionary of Theology R 230.03 N42f
The Westminster Dictionary of Christian Theology R 230.03 W528

Consult the Dewey Classification schedule to see how books are arranged by topic.

Where are these books in Benner library ?

200s Third floor north "religion room"
Reference books (R 001-R 999) First floor books must be used in the library


MLA Style (Purdue University OWL):

Paraphrasing -v- Plagiarism

Avoid Plagiarism (Indiana University)

"To avoid plagiarism, you must give credit whenever you use
*another person's idea, opinion, or theory;
*any facts, statistics, graphs, drawings-any pieces of information-that are not common knowledge;
*quotations of another person's actual spoken or written words; or
*paraphrase of another person's spoken or written words."

Plagiarism: What It is and How to Recognize and Avoid It. 27 April 2004. Indiana University Writing Tutorial Services. 24 October 2006. <>