Selected Websites

American Psychological Association (APA)
Official Website

CDC - NIOSH Redirector for
CDC information on new field in Psychology

A free online site presenting extensive information on algebraic, functional, ordinary differential, partial differential, integral, and other mathematical equations

Office of National Drug Control Policy - Prescription Drug Abuse
Information on prescription drug abuse with help guidelines and treatment resources

Psych Web by Russ Dewey
Website for students; full of psychology information

Science of Cognition: Program (Library of Congress)
(Library of Congress project on brain research)

United Nations Publications
Allows you to search their catalogues of over 4,800 titles by subject, keyword, title, ISBN, Publisher, Series, Department, Langauge, and Date. Once you find the a title of interest, use I-Share or WorldCat to look up and request specific items.

Welcome to the American Counseling Association
Official website

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