College Writing II

Reference Sources: General | Subject-specific (Dewey)

Building Blocks Collection 1: Finding Sources
      WORKSHEET: Dewey classification, Keywords & subject headings
a. Which words should I use when doing a search?
(Tutorial is one page long.)

b. How can I combine my keywords to make a more effective search?

c. How are books arranged in the Dewey Decimal System?

d. How can I limit my search results by date and article type?
(go to 2:10 min & 4:30 min)

e. How can I find a full text article?
f. How can I learn more about using BLISweb and I-share?
g. How do I search for articles in online databases?

Building Blocks Collection 2: Evaluating Sources and Peer Review
a. How do I evaluate my sources?
1. Brief:

2. Detailed:

3. When reading:

b. What is the difference between library databases and the Web?
c. How do I know if I have a scholarly source?
d. What is the "peer review process"?

Class Instruction and Library Consultation Attend the library instruction session in the Instruction Lab (1st floor Benner) with your class. The librarian will provide a worksheet. Use the links below if you lose yours!
ENGL 209 - MLA Worksheet
ENGL 210 - APA Worksheet
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