Library Guide for CHEM 495:
Chemistry Seminar

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Secondary Sources

Need ideas for a research topic?

    Questions to consider:
  • What interests me?
  • What do I already know about this topic?
  • What questions will I answer for my audience?

Consult science news sources:

  • ConnectAccessScience News
  • New Scientist Assortment of scientific topics; information ranges from artificial intelligence to alternative fuel vehicles
  • Science Daily Magazine Information on the latest discoveries and research taking place within the United States
  • Energy Science News Published quarterly by the US Department of Energy’s Office of Planning and Analysis within the Office of Science; the purpose of the publication is to inform about current research initiatives and progress in science related fields

Get inspired by history:

  • Nobel e-Museum Reviews the Noble Prize winners in chemistry
  • Chemical Achievers Biographical information on scientists who have made a contribution to science and chemistry

Need background info?



Library Catalog | I-Share | Dewey Decimal Classification system

Library of Congress Subject Headings ("Topics"):

Browse these call ranges:

  • 540 Chemistry & allied sciences
  • 541 Physical & theoretical chemistry
  • 543 Analytical chemistry
  • 546 Inorganic chemistry
  • 547 Organic chemistry
  • 548 Crystallography
  • 615 Pharmacology & theraputics
  • 660 Chemical engineering
  • 661 Industrial chemicals technology
  • 667 Cleaning, color, related technologies
Search for ebooks in ebrary ebooks. You may print 5 pages at once, up to 40 pages per browser session. Create a username and password in order to highlight text and save books to your virtual book shelf.

Suggested titles

  • Chemistry of advanced materials : an overview
    Call number: 620.11 C42i
  • Chemical and biological warfare
    Call number: 358.34 C42s
  • Encyclopedia of chemical reactions
    Call Number: R 546 J157e

  • Environmental chemical analysis
  • Call Number: 577.14 K23e

  • Environmental chemistry
    Call number: 540 M311e, 2000

  • How to find chemical information : a guide for practicing chemists, educators, and students
    Call Number: R 540.7 M288h, 1998

  • Macmillan encyclopedia of chemistry
    Call Number: R 540.3 M228L

  • McGraw-Hill encyclopedia of science & technology
    Call Number: 503 M178m, 1997

  • Medicinal plants of the world : chemical constituents, traditional, and modern medicinal uses
    Call Number: R 615.32 R733m

  • Pharmacology for chemists
    Call number: 615.1 C164p

Chemical Reviews

Go to the American Chemical Society Journal Search and limit to the journal title "Chemical Reviews"

Want to get your hands on articles referenced in ACS journals? Try the ACS journal search first, then use other options.

Evaluation Criteria

Primary Sources

American Chemical Society journal search

SCIRUS and Science Direct

tips for searching Scirus: A free scientific based search engine that can be used to obtain websites and/or journal articles.

ScienceDirect: Physical Sciences collection. Olivet has access to the full-text for journals marked with a green icon from 2001 (engineering titles are available since 1997).

STN Easy (Chemical Abstracts online)

  • Connect to STN Easy
  • Log in using the confidential information you'll get at your one-on-one session with the librarian or Chemistry Research Assistant, Emily Waskow [ewaskow].
  • Instructions

Interlibrary Loan

  1. Check Fulltext eJournals options
  2. ONU periodical holdings --consult the list to find out if Olivet has a print subscription to a specific journal title
  3. Interlibrary Loan --make a request for articles from journals that ONU doesn't own. Provide your name, email, and complete citation


  • Worksheet for chemical information: level 1 Due Feb. 12, 2012
  • Worksheet for chemical information: level 2 Due Feb. 21, 2012
  • Evaluation/selection of sources Due Feb. 21, 2012
  • On-line search request form (for supervised session on STN Easy with Emily [ewaskow] before March 13, 2012)