Art 282 & 283: History of Western Art

I. Research Projects

A. Find the Image

Suggested library databases:
Images from Chapters 1-13 of Janson's History of Art text book

Saskia Art Images

Oxford Art Online (limit to "image")

Credo Reference (limit to "image")

JStor (after doing a search, click on "image" tab)

B. Gather background information

Use these suggested library databases to gather information on the piece & artist:
Oxford Art Online (eReference database; search by biography and/or subject)

Springer eBooks (limit to “Architecture & Design.” This database contains books and book chapters plus eReference books)
Journal Articles
Academic Search Premier

JStor (limit to scholarly articles from “Art & Art History” journals)

C. Research the historical context (time period, society, etc.)

Use these suggested library databases to gather information on the time period, society, etc.:
History Study Center(contains original documents, scholarly articles, and more)

Credo Reference (eReference database. Choose “art” or “all subjects”)

Library Catalog (Choose “Quick Search” and limit to “Reference” to find print books at Benner Library)

II. Writing Projects

A. Scholarly Works

Some scholarly art journals have more prestige and influence than others. See if you can find articles in these top journals.

Want more fulltext journals? Browse the “Art, Architecture & Applied Arts” category on the Fulltext eJournals page.

B. Magazine Articles

Magazines written for a general audience, or for those with a special interest in the field, but are not for scholars, have a different tone and “look” than scholarly journals. Begin reading these magazines to familiarize yourself with the style and content of various art magazines.

C. Blog Postings

Follow one or more art blogs to learn more about your field and, perhaps, to network with others who have similar interests.

Ready to write your own blog? Review these suggestions for “How to craft a blog post”