DCOD - Dynamic Content on Demand

Dynamic Content on Demand (DCOD) is a bookmarking and a mini content management system that is a php web-based system designed by an Academic Library department. This program automatically populates categorized bookmarks or FAQ content onto a specified webpage. DCOD allows secured users access to maintain the content without any web programming experience. It was originally designed to replace Delicious Link Rolls.

Version 1 -- Released June 2013

System Requirements:
MySQL Database
JavaScript Enabled
Performs best on newer browser versions
Installation Instructions

Try out the program before you download it by requesting a login to our demonstration program.
You cannot utilize the DCOD demo to place content on a page. This functionality requires that the server software and the webpages be on the same server.

Have questions about DCOD? Check out .

For feature improvement suggestions or questions contact the Benner Library OSS Team.