Supply Box

The Curriculum Center has a supply cabinet with materials (scissors, markers, glue, etc.) to be used in the Curriculum Center only. It is located by the paper cutters. There is also a "free" box with pictures and left-over paper. Feel free to ask for help from the assistant on duty.

Paper Cutters

Large and small paper cutters are located in the Curriculum Center.

Supplies for Purchase

Colored construction paper, cardstock, roll paper, and poster board are available for purchase at the Curriculum Center desk. See Items for Sale at Benner Library for a complete list.

Listening and viewing booths

These are available for use in conjunction with the Video, DVD, and CD collections.

Ellison Letter Machine

Check out our diecut machines and diecuts! This machine includes various shapes and numbers as well as upper and lower case letters in two sizes.

Email the Curriculum Librarian to recommend a new Ellison DieCut.